Digitization of district heating networks

Digitization of District Heating Networks

The objective of the NFOŚiGW priority program is to optimize district heating systems through their digitalization. The program supports investments in the development of telemetry and telemechanics systems, which include the implementation of modern IT tools for remote supervision, control and regulation of district heating system operation. Today, the implementation of projects related to the digitalization of district heating networks is crucial for both environmental and economic reasons.

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Kelvin offers support in the process of preparing the necessary grant application documentation:

Ex-ante audit

We will conduct a detailed analysis of the existing district heating system, identify potential opportunities for energy efficiency improvement and system elements to be digitized. Based on the results of the audit, we will propose measures to improve the operation of the system.

Feasibility study and financial model of the project

We will prepare a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the potential scope of the project, taking into account relevant factors such as technical and economic aspects. We will identify challenges, risks and opportunities, and provide a transparent financial model for the project, in accordance with the guidelines of the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund.

Ex-post audit

Upon completion, we will conduct a full analysis of the project, including an assessment of the effectiveness of the measures taken. We will provide a reliable report with an accounting of energy savings achieved as a result of digitization.

Comprehensive support during the application process

We will cooperate with the client at every stage, actively following the progress of implementation. In addition, we will provide support in completing all required attachments, allowing the application process to run smoothly.