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As an engineering company, KELVIN Ltd. offers state-of-the-art technologies and solutions

The company's operations are conducted within branches

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It is engaged in the comprehensive implementation of services related to the implementation of district heating technologies, systems and networks. In addition, this division specializes in:
Energy efficiency

Cogeneration, Heat recovery, Industrial cooling, Ventilation and air conditioning, White certificates and EU subsidies

Design and technical consulting

District heating networks and connections, Thermal nodes, Heat water pumping stations, Facilities related to thermal networks


Construction and modernization of heat networks, Construction of heat nodes, Construction and modernization of heat sources, Construction of network water pumping stations

Supply of materials and equipment

Pre-insulated systems, Installation components, Industrial fittings, Pumps, Automation, Heating installation equipment, Industrial refrigeration, Measuring equipment, Cooling towers

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Kelvin IT Division is engaged in information technology and customer service in the field:
Software for district heating

Sales of licenses, product implementation, provision of maintenance services and training and support of software users

Engineering consulting

Consulting services in the field of district heating with the use of specialized calculation tools

Digitization of district heating networks

Comprehensive application documentation necessary to submit an application for funding under the NFOŚiGW project