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Software for district heating

Nowadays modelling of district heating networks would be impossible without advanced computer software. It allows to manage a large amount of data, solve complicated non-linear equations and visualize results in a legible way. The combination of IT systems and engineering knowledge allowed to take a step forward in the development of district heating networks. It allowed to save time, money and most importantly, provided security by more effective control of district heating networks.

The experience earned during the implementation of heating network management tools and cooperation with external companies enabled Kelvin to become a valued integrator of software solutions optimizing the heating systems on the Polish and global markets.

The implemented software provides:

  • Visualization of the district heating network – creating a digital network model,

  • Accurate thermo-hydraulic calculations – pressure and temperature calibration of a mathematical model,

  • Intuitive and easy operation – user-friendly interface,

  • High performance – possibility of building a simplified model,

  • Planning modes of operation – analysis of operation on a common network,

  • Performing effective analyses – analysis of parameters of the heating medium,

  • Integration with external IT systems – integration with GIS, SCADA, ERP and others,

  • Real-time operation of the network model – direct connection to the SCADA system,

  • Network knowledge – production overview on the user panel,

  • Control of operating parameters – creating predefined warnings and alarms,

  • Data storage – possibility to store the measurements,

  • Production planning – scheduling the work of production units,

  • Optimization of network operation – reducing supply temperature.