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District Energy Management Software

Short product description:

The most advanced software for engineering analysis, real-time production planning and optimization of district heating network operation. Implemented software is a support system for decision making by dispatchers, engineers and management. It allows to operate the district heating network in an optimal way and allows for effective management.


Basic functionalities

Model building
Build a mathematical model of the district heating network based on information gathered in other IT systems.

What-If Scenario
Perform analyses for given network parameters based on the current state of consumers demand.

Network monitoring
Monitor the medium parameters at each point of the district heating network, based on the calculation results received in real time.

Engineering analysis
Use the mathematical model of the district heating network to perform hydraulic analyses for defined boundary conditions.

User interface
Define a readable way of presenting calculation results with the help of built-in tools, showing the current parameters on the network.

Export the received calculation results to an Excel spreadsheet or database.

Temperature optimization
Minimize the supply temperature of the heating medium, reducing heat distribution costs.

Pump optimization
Minimize the cost of pumping without losing the required pressure at the nodes in the heating network.

Solution architecture

Off-line module

The Off-line module reproduces the district heating network in a mathematical model. In static simulation mode it performs hydraulic and thermodynamic calculations. The program provides information about thermal parameters in each point of the district heating network. 


On-line module

The On-line module reproduces the district heating network in a mathematical model. In real mode it automatically downloads selected measurement data from the SCADA system and cyclically performs hydraulic and thermodynamic simulations. As a result of the above calculations, the program provides full information about the current thermal parameters in each point of the district heating network.


Temperature Optimizer

Temperature Optimizer minimizes costs of heat distribution in the network by optimizing the supply temperature of the power units. During the optimization of the heating medium parameters are included: the changes in the consumer demand, weather conditions, technical limitations, the operating schedule of the units, as well as the costs of purchasing thermal and electric energy.


Pump Optimizer

Pump Optimizer selects optimal parameters of circulation pumps operation and network pumping stations, in order to minimize the costs of purchasing electricity. When optimizing the pressure change settings on the pumps, the technical limitations of the network and pumps are considered, as well as the minimum available pressure allowing for the proper operation of the heating substations.


Data Manager Data Services

Data Manager Data Services is a group of applications enabling the configuration, processing and administration of information from the most common data sources. These operations are supported by independent processes called Data Services. These applications allow to retrieve information from database systems, text files, OPC servers, etc.


License Server Manager

License Server Manager (LSM) it is an application allowing to manage purchased licenses. It determines the maximum number of concurrent licenses which are not assigned to a specific user. Additionally, the licensing system allows for simultaneous work of many instances of the software.



The system Operator can be a management member, analyst, dispatcher or IT specialist. Depending on the set access level and license type, the user can view the calculation results from the On-line model and Optimizer, perform engineering analysis or change the network configuration.