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1989  - establishment of the company. Operating area: technical operation of heating sector.

1991 – thanks to contacts with Danish companies Kelvin company initiated promotion of economic technologies in energetics which were progressive then. We were one of the first in Poland to build heating networks of preinsulated pipes, organizing training sessions and diffusing this new at early 90’s technology. Beginning from handling and service of already existing steam pipes, Kelvin company in further years had specialized in providing services linked with designing and – as a general contractor – implementing new technological solutions for heating, as well as in industrial cooling, ventilation and conditioning.

1992 – establishment of branch named KELVIN ALUKAST which is providing modern solutions for founding such as foundry chemistry, machines and complete die-casting cells, parts and materials for die-casting foundries of non-ferrous metals and for plastic industry.

1999  – establishment of branch named Kelvin IT which deals with information technology and customer service in the range of integrated information technology solution supporting management of the company (Microsoft Dynamics NAV software).

2001 – Kelvin IT’s offer for heating, water supply and energy sector has been enhanced by original vertical solution – add-on ENERGY Microsoft Dynamics NAV. One of the main recipient of this module is energy concern Veolia (formerly Dalkia) which has included ENERGY module to its basic corporate software.

2002  - establishment of KELVIN TERNO department which provides the services linked with implementation of solutions for heat distribution industries and cooling of industrial processes.

2005  - Kelvin IT sector expended its offer by software and  services involving modeling and optimization of heating network performance on the basis of TERMIS software (Schneider Electric). TERMIS affords monitoring, control, transmission and supervision of heating networks work parameters in real time.

2007 - Kelvin ALUKAST has become representative of Italpresse Industrie S.p.a - Italian company which is world's leader in production of foundry machines. It conducts deliveries of complete technological lines to high, low and gravity pressure founding.